Scraps 4.0

by Abhinav Kukreja

16. Dilemma

 Possessed, he never stopped writing. The girl from his book was his only true love. 

17. Meaning

They gave the extra burger to the poor kid outside. The smile on his face made them realize what a ‘happy meal’ is.

18. Thievery

His wallet just had a picture of his parents. A few days later, a thief threw an ‘empty’ wallet away. 

19. Commitment

She rejected Salim’s proposal saying that she wasn’t ready for such a big commitment. Her tattoo reading ‘Amir’ ascertained otherwise.

20. Multiple Personality Disorder

 ‘Are you married?’

‘Not anymore. I’m a single parent.’

‘Why are you in therapy?’

‘I’m too tired of playing both the mother and the father’