Scraps 3.0

by Abhinav Kukreja

Special thanks to Harnidh Kaur. Forever in debt to your advice. I’ll miss you.

On meaningful relationships. Thank you, Mahi Gulati.

 11. Benign

The last words I heard, came from my father.

‘A fatter book does not necessarily have a better story’ 

I died; no longer fearing my tumor.

 12.  Adultery

Who is it?’ Called her new husband from inside

‘No one.’

She couldn’t tell him her ‘dead’ husband had sent flowers again. 

 13. Choice

Juvenile; she was made to choose between the garland of jute and the garland of love.

No one talks about her anymore. 

 14.  Ink

She said he didn’t love her enough. In his defense, she only looked at his letters. She never read them.

 15. Anniversary.

‘I’m calling from JP Jewelers. Happy Anniversary, Sir. May I speak with your wife?’

‘My wife passed away a month ago’

*beep* *beep*