Scraps 1.0

by Abhinav Kukreja

The first five of a series of small stories I’m going to post.

1. The mother

‘When I was younger, my mother read out stories to me.’ 

‘So what? Every mother does that.’

‘Sir, my mother was illiterate.’

2. Hostility

His parents kicked him out of the house during the winter. He’d felt colder….inside.

 3. Love

‘Are you in pain?’

‘I’m in love.’ She told him.

The therapist scribbled a little ‘yes’ in his diary.

 4. Stigma

‘Our daughter was raped.’ they told the newspapers.

‘Her husband ran before the criminals did.’

5.  Music

They played the same song on their 25th anniversary as they did on their 1st.

They got older.

The Beatles didn’t.